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2014 Hokkaido Tour #2 Group

Snow Monkeys & Hokkaido Tour #2 2014 Part 2 (Podcast 413)

Today I'm going to walk you through the second set of ten photos from my second Winter Wonderland Tour for 2014, to complete this two part travelogue series. Still troubled by record level snow falls, we were lucky this time to have arrived in Rausu just as the roads cleared and many people that had been stuck in this sleepy fishing village were finally able to continue on their journeys. Use t...

Search for Prey

Snow Monkeys & Hokkaido Tour #1 2014 Part 2 (Podcast 410)

Today we pick up the trail with five days left, on the first of my two Japan Winter Wonderland Tours for 2014. We start on the last morning photographing the Whooper Swans at Kussharo Lake, before leaving town for an hour at Sulphur Mountain and then start to drive over to Rausu for three days of shooting the Steller's Sea Eagles and White-Tailed Eagles. Use this audio player if you'd prefer to...

Waiting for Clearance

Snow Monkeys & Hokkaido Tour #1 2014 Part 1 (Podcast 409)

After an incredibly busy and exciting February, I'm now back from my Snow Monkey and Hokkaido Winter Wonderland tours, and from today will release a series of episodes to update you on how both trips went. First I've selected 22 images from Tour #1 which ran from January 27 to Feb 7, which I'll break into two parts, and then follow up with a Tour #2 update later in the month. Use this audio pla...

David in Hokkaido

Snow Monkeys & Hokkaido with David duChemin (Podcast 362)

I usually record an update after returning from the Snow Monkeys and Hokkaido tour each year, and insert a recording from the bus on the last day of each trip as well as my own reflections on our trip. For Tour #2 this year though, we were lucky enough to be joined by best selling author and amazing photographer David duChemin, so instead of just me talking this time, we sat down (via Skype) and h...

Winter Wonderland Tour 2013 - Group 1

Snow Monkeys & Hokkaido 2013 Tour #1 in Brief (Podcast 360)

Having just returned from the first of our two 2013 Snow Monkey & Hokkaido, Winter Wonderland Tours, today I'm going to update you on how things went, and show you my top seven images, as well as play a message from the group that we recorded on the last day before flying back to Haneda Airport in Tokyo. Use this audio player if you'd prefer to listen: [audio src="http://www.podtrac.com/pts...

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