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The Visual Imagination

The Visual Imagination with David duChemin (Podcast 417)

Today I welcome back my friend and regular guest, David duChemin, for a conversation about his latest Craft & Vision eBook, The Visual Imagination - Ideas & Techniques for Creative Photographic Expression. This episode is brought to you by lynda.com. Learn lighting, portraiture, Photoshop skills, and more from expert-taught video courses. To start your 7-day free trial, visit lynda.co...


Landscape Photography and Passion Based Business (Podcast 411)

To celebrate the release of my new Craft & Vision eBook Striking Landscapes, today I sat down with my friend David duChemin, to talk about landscape photography, and as I thought might be the case, we went on to discuss running a business based on your passion for the work. We also touched on shooting with mirror-less cameras, avoiding going on location with unnecessary preconceptions, and dev...

Craft & Vision PHOTOGRAPH #3 Cover

Craft & VIsion’s Quarterly Magazine PHOTOGRAPH Issue #3 is Out!

Craft & Vision have just released Issue 3 of PHOTOGRAPH - A Digital Quarterly Magazine for Creative Photographers, and as usual, it is packed with incredible photography related information and inspiring images. There are portfolios and Q+As from: Hengki Koentjoro, Dave Delnea, and Kevin Clark. And there are the usual great columns from Nicole S. Young, Kevin Clark, and John Paul Caponigro ...

Martin with 2 x 4 Foot Print

Printing Chinwag with Don Komarechka (Podcast 366)

This week, TWiP co-host Don Komarechka and I hook-up again to talk about printing, a passion we both share. Here are the points discussed: - Why print? - A photo isn't truly done until it's printed - Helps to hone your craft - How big can you print an image from a typical digital file? - Choices of paper: discuss our favourites and why - Do it yourself or get someone else to to do i...

David in Hokkaido

Snow Monkeys & Hokkaido with David duChemin (Podcast 362)

I usually record an update after returning from the Snow Monkeys and Hokkaido tour each year, and insert a recording from the bus on the last day of each trip as well as my own reflections on our trip. For Tour #2 this year though, we were lucky enough to be joined by best selling author and amazing photographer David duChemin, so instead of just me talking this time, we sat down (via Skype) and h...

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