Lotus Flower Interior
Are You Still in Beta? (Podcast 429)

Lately I've been thinking about where we are on our photographic journeys, and wondering if we ever really come out of beta. They say it takes 10,000 hours to really master something, but does that...

RAW vs JPEG Example - RAW
Why Switch from JPEG to Raw? (Podcast 427)

When you first get started in digital photography, it's much easier to just leave your camera in JPEG shooting mode. Sooner or later though, most people decide that it's time to switch to raw, and...

Sharp Shooter Released
My New Craft & Vision eBook Sharp Shooter Released!

I'm totally thrilled to announce that my latest eBook from Craft & Vision - Sharp Shooter - Proven Techniques for Sharper Photographs - has just been released! Although I've been writing a regular column for the C&V Quarterly...